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You have three-month spreads you can fill out (undated so you can start any time of year) along with a small area for notes and tasks. The Best Self Journal is more goal-oriented whereas Panda Planner is really a tool to help you build a better and more balanced life overall. Bullet journaling is so customizable – I love it! The first step towards getting started is to invest in a quality journal. I’m reviewing the following planners in this post: I bought and used every. This self-help planner is like two books in one! Anyone who wants to accomplish more and be more successful. The way the Self Journal helps you break down your goals, … Here’s what I found out about it! Creators of the SELF Journal goal setting system and productivity planner. While there’s still one spread per week, this planner gives you extra spreads, so you have additional weeks to fill out if you skip one or two. Other than that, the packaging is pretty streamlined. But that’s what we’re here for. My new morning routine and how you can create one too! You just have to be willing to commit. Without one it's too easy to float along and forget about your priorities. They worked in the lab, and they can work for you too. Anyone who wants to have fun with journaling, see how much she grows over time, and likes to learn and try new things. I do own it though and may try it in the future. Without one it's too easy to float along and forget about your priorities. The only downside is that I can’t see anyone using this who isn’t super motivated and driven. The founders of the journal found that planners focusing on 12 months were often too overwhelming for users to follow through with, so they made the SELF a 3-month planner, making it easier to stick with over time. This planner is a good alternative to the Productivity Planner if you want a “100 day challenge” planner instead of a daily planner that you’ll use forever. Create Custom Notebooks, Journals, & Planners. Here’s what I found out about it! While this is a downside, you only have to figure it out once and shouldn’t deter from buying the planner. ), Each page of the planner is one day (undated, for you to fill in the date) and split between a morning entry and evening entry. All opinions are the writer’s own, based on her experience using and reviewing the products. Best Overall: BestSelf Co. SELF Journal. Thanks again! Please check your entries and try again. The planner is set up by weeks (undated). – Godspacelight. It has an “ancient” feel on the outside, and I am not a fan of the images used throughout (feels a bit “salesy”). I’ve started using the productivity’s planner. Nice! The Panda Planner, on the other hand, keeps it simple with one page that details how to use the planner to be more productive and, ultimately, happier. Review: Panda Planner vs. SELF Journal. It assists you to get better work done in less time (quality over quantity). I recently filled out two of these pre-filled planners, the Panda Planner and the SELF Journal . This planner is more than just a goal-setting tool, it’s a self-journaling life planner that helps you crush your goals big and small. What a lovely article! I didn’t find much background on this other than to say it’s by the company Potter Style. – Godspacelight. P.s. Morning Sidekick Journal. A lot of the planners you tested seem to get pretty close to the mark. I love that it opens up with one of my favorite quotes, which makes me think the author had more in mind with this journal. 4. Each question is very different, which makes every day a little bit unique and entertaining. Best journal app for Mac and iOS users. Within each tab is a two-page spread of 30-31 day month layout, followed by several columns on each page, with the dates across the top. Anyone who wants more than just an everyday planner, and instead wants a planner that can help her create a life plan. Learn more about working with me here. . Spot on post Natalie, thanks heaps. Here’s what we’re covering: 1. So if you’re a Prime member you can score a deal with free two-day shipping. clear. The Happy Planner is the fifth planner I took a shot at and here’s what I found! I am using The Five Minute Journal with the Productivity Planner with the Q&A A Day journal. For each journal I talk about below, I tried to identify who exactly I would recommend that goal-oriented planner to, so if you’re using this guide, try to find the description that best matches … With the Best Self Journal, you get a 13-week dry-erase wall calendar, a book telling you how to use the journal, and a card to plan your daily morning and evening routines. The 52 planners in 52 weeks ‘challenge’ started as I was already taking photos of my weekly spreads to refer back to later. I’ve been waiting my whole life for a review like this! Any insights Natalie? I HIGHLY recommend using gCalendar for this type of planning that you’ll need to change and move around a lot – something digital will work better. Buy on Amazon. Translation: The exercises, down to the number of spaces in each one, are specifically designed to increase productivity and happiness, according to science. On the right side is your hourly schedule  (6 a.m. – 9 p.m.), a place for you to list your tasks or to-do list, and an end of day review, where you list your wins from the day and how you’ll improve tomorrow. These sections include space for you to set goals for the month, outline your why behind those goals, and list distractions to avoid so you stay on task (a huge one for many people). Now to be completely honest, I had been using Erin Condren Planners … A powerful yet simple daily planner to help you structure your day, enjoy life, and reach your goals quicker than you thought possible. Here are the planners I recommend: TRACKTION planner, LoA Life Planner, Clever Fox Planner, Day Designer, Freedom Journal, Passion Planner, SELF Journal, SELF Planner, 90X Goal Planner. The planner is only for half a year. The way the Self Journal helps you break down your goals, find motivation, track habits, and plan your … And thanks for the tip on the pen–had some in my art box and hadn’t used them yet! Apr 15, 2018 - Order 90x Goal Planner - 90X Goal Planner - Best Goal-Setting Planner & Self-Journal Gyna – I like the planner! Anyone who wants to practice gratitude on a daily basis without having to spend a lot of time doing it. This planner feels more masculine than the other journals (all of which were either gender neutral or feminine). This planner includes an overview of how to use it and why it’s so important to use. Both the Best Self Journal and the Panda Planner have an undated monthly section at the front of the book. Budget Planner $17.95 LEGEND Budget Planner will help you to manage all your personal finance, savings, budgets, debts, payments, bills due, cash flow and expenses in one place! 6 thoughts on “ Planner vs. Journal ” Lisa. 3. [Discussion] Panda Planner vs. SELF Journal [X-Post /r/productivity] If you're a freelancer, student, or someone who has some freedom to arrange your day, you need a planner system. I have the five minute journal, which I enjoy, but it is not really meant to help with productivity. I’m not sure I would use it with the Productivity Planner – they’re somewhat similar. And hey, we all do that sometimes. I don’t personally use or recommend that planner. Goal planners are like a daily workbook, and each page incorporates productivity best practices. The Law of Attraction Planner is fourth on deck — here’s a look! Dailygreatness journals are part self-help book, part journal. Also, these planners and journals are all physical products you order. It is more targeted for people who are running a household. There are many sections in the beginning to help you get organized, followed by un-dated pages for each month where you can plan your days. There is no monthly planning. It’s not something you can use for task management or practicing gratitude. As long as you know that’s the purpose of it (and don’t expect more from it), there’s no downside. You simply will have blank spaces to write down your tasks every day in a very pretty space. The Panda Planner also has pages for 12 months, while the Best Self Journal only has three. I watched YouTube videos about journaling and so many recommended this pen, so I had to give it a try. If you're ready to deep dive into personal growth and have a lot of fun along the way, you're in the right place. Why, you might ask, would I do such a thing? I am using this planner as a “life planner”. Moleskine Classic 12 Month 2020 Daily Planner, Hard Cover, Pocket (3.5″ x 5.5″) Black; 1.5 5. The Daily sections are where the magic happens. There’s also a habit tracker and a few prompts for weekly reflection. I just got it and I’m loving it! It teaches you how to integrate goals into your daily life, have greater focus, be more grateful, and more. The journal is really useful for what it does – helping you accomplish your #1 goal. However, there are some major differences, which is why we’re going in-depth in our Panda Planner and Best Self Co Journal review — so you can choose wisely. But it’s not going to help you remember your day-to-day activities or goals that you have planner. For more in-depth tutorials, you’ll want to watch the quick start videos, which include videos on the daily, weekly, and monthly sections of the planner. Since the pages are lightweight, it’s best to stay away from heavier pens that may bleedthrough to the opposite side of the page. I took inspiration using the Five Minute Journal, combined it with a separate goal/task manager, and have found discipline and focus as a result. You won’t learn how to be more productive or how to practice gratitude or how to accomplish your goals. Here is an ongoing list of additional journals you may want to check out…. First up is The Five Minute Journal! You should not rely solely on information contained on this website to evaluate the product or service being endorsed. It’s a journal to help you become more productive, disciplined, and focused in 100 days. Continuing our series during this final year of AoS of the top 12 published posts of all time (measured in simple traffic numbers), here’s number 11. Day One (Mac, iOS, watchOS, Android) Since its release in 2011, Day One has been one of the most highly recommended journaling apps, landing a spot as Apple's Editors Choice in the App Store numerous times. Panda Planner also comes with a ton of online resources via, which include eBooks, Quick Start Guide videos, and a robust online Facebook community to keep you motivated. I feel like our billable hours system makes some of the daily planning a little different from most professions. I've been using this new Best Self Journal for almost 13 weeks and have loved it! Both focus on research, incorporate strategies based on science like gratitude and habit tracking, and encourage regular reflection to help you accomplish your goals. Next to your hourly planner is a small space for notes, and under both is a place for morning reflection. Here’s what I found with this journal. The weekly section in the Panda Planner also has a place for you to note what you’ll do to make the week great in your personal, professional, and social lives. You can use each of these separately or some of them together. Dot Grid Productivity Paper by Erin Condren. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 9. Each journal spans 13 weeks, so it costs $124 per year to use this as your main planner. I recently filled out two of these pre-filled planners, the Panda Planner and the SELF Journal… (This is a Cathy Zielske class, but the layout is completely customizable.) Anyone who wants to get better in these three areas, but doesn’t want to continue using a journal after they’ve accomplished this goal. It’s very structured on the pages. Like a planner. Tell us what would work best for you in the comments. Rachel P recently posted…My new morning routine and how you can create one too! The planner is begins with an overview of the planner and how to use it, with examples (because it’s not intuitive). The evening space is created for you to list three amazing things that happened that day and how that day could’ve been better. by Nicole Viola Bennett. The aesthetics of the journal has an “ancient” feel on the outside, and I am not a fan of the images used throughout (feels a bit “salesy”). From self-improvement to productivity and self-discovery, people are using journaling to level up every part of their life.. There are several pages in the beginning outlining how to use this planner and examples of each types of pages (again, this is very helpful). At 5.75 by 8.25 inches, this offering from Artfan is perfectly portable. I was gifted this journal by Miriam, and to pay it forward, I gifted one to Tyler, who now uses it, too. The weeks start on Mondays, so some people will find that a downside. Anyone who has a specific goal she wants to accomplish. Quick facts. It is, hands down, the best planner I’ve ever tried, and it was only 15 bucks at target!!! That’s a wrap! One of the first things you are going to need is a planner, so I put together a list of the best 2017 planners! Self Journal goal setting system and productivity planner, conversation starters, relationship tools, date night ideas and more. Hi Natalie! single. P.p.s. All these planners and journals are popular for a good reason – they’re the best at what they do. A journal from BestSelf which is famous for their productivity and success tools. I am obsessed with planners! The Mastery Journal is a little costlier than the alternatives, but it is still going … It uses similar terms to measure time (the Pomodoro technique), and has quotes at the top of every page. The 3-month approach has been copied by many journals, notebooks and planners now, but SELF was one of the first products to really innovate in this area. Let’s take a look. The time commitment is very low for this (maybe takes 1-2 minutes) per day. However, I didn’t realize it was going to be. It forces you to prioritize your life. There’s space for three separate goals, so you can outline three important areas of your life you want to improve. The Law of Attraction is an all-in-one life planner that allows … Hi, I'm Natalie! Then, it breaks down the week into tiny day boxes, which would be a good place to list your daily to-do lists. Panda Planner Pro - Best Daily Planner for Happiness & Productivity - 8.5 x 11" Softcover - Undated Day - Guaranteed to Get You Organized - Gratitude & Goals Journal 4.4 out of 5 stars 3,127 $30.97 This video review quickly recaps Best Self's new planner called the "Self Planner." While The Best Self Journal gets down into the nitty-gritty of specific goals, the Panda Planner is more well-rounded in that it helps you be more productive in all aspects of your life — not just business. 6. This planner is by Freedom Mastery, which is run by a personal development guru and entrepreneur. Additionally, Panda Planner starts with a reflection on the previous week and areas for you to improve. There’s a quick-start guide at the beginning, but it’s best to read through the entire thing, to get the full gist of it. The Panda Planner, however, is much simpler. This journal is by Ruth Soukup, the founder of Living Well Spending Less, a blog for moms about making home life better by saving money and focusing on family. The Legend Planner contains exercises that help you define your priorities. The journal is divided into three sections: daily, weekly and monthly. It’s not huge, but it’s big enough that it’s not something I would carry in my purse. ), and daily/weekly/monthly to-dos. It’s something to be used in conjunction with your other journals, not as a stand alone planner. It’s where the Journal asks you to fully commit your life to these goals over the next 13-weeks by reminding you how your life will improve by achieving these particular goals. In the beginning of the journal, you write out your #1 SMART goal that you’re going to accomplish in 100 days. 5. This is a very helpful post, thank you! Panda Planner’s weekly section is set up very differently. So, while the price seems low, if you want to continue using it forever, you’re paying double what the price is for one year (which is what most planners or journals have space for). The aesthetics of the journal are just like that of The Freedom Journal. With the right journal app, you can make a journal or diary entry truly yours by adding images, tagging locations, setting reminders to write, enabling password protection, and so much more. It increases your productivity and forces you to make choices you might not otherwise make. By John Lee Dumas, founder of the famous podcast, Entrepreneur On Fire. It’s so easy to use. The Self Journal will help you: Set, plan and track … This proven 90 day goal-setting system has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, small … I’ve tried it and it takes a LOT of time to get the hang of in my opinion. I highly recommend it . The Phoenix Journal - Best Daily Goal Planner, Organizer, & Calendar for Goal Setting, Gratitude, Happiness, & Productivity - Vision Board & Habit Tracking - 12 Weeks, Undated, Hardcover - Black . In fact, it seems the planners are designed on similar research that encourages writing down your goals, planning out your day, and reflecting on a daily basis. Permalink. You should try the “This is My Era” journal! At only $24.97, the Panda Planner Classic comes in a few bucks cheaper than the Best Self Journal’s $31.99. Each day is two pages and has space for you to fill out what you do during your morning routine (including something you’re grateful for), followed by four “sessions” for you to complete your most important tasks or goals for that day. There are several pages in the beginning outlining how to use this planner and examples of each types of pages (I find this to be very helpful). The fourth page is your commitment. Your turn: What tool are you most likely to use: Best Self Journal or Panda Planner? The morning entry has a space for you to list what you’re grateful for, what would make that day great, and daily affirmations. Through prioritization, organization, strategic scheduling, time and energy management, finding meaning in our work, and the list goes on. It helps you focus on one to three top goals that you have for a 13 week period (one calendar quarter). This journal is similar to the Productivity Planner. This isn’t a journal to be used constantly, overtime. In addition to research, it seems the intended audience of both planners is very similar. Best Smart Planner: Rocketbook Panda Planner Buy on Amazon This all-encompassing planner is divided into daily, weekly, and monthly sections, so you can choose what method of organization works best for you and go all in on it—or, you can use all of the above, so you have a rock solid grip on what’s on your calendar at all times. of the planners to complete this project. Size: 5.75″ wide x 8.5″ high; 2 pages per day; Daily schedule from 6am to 9pm; Weekly … I'm a life and business coach, and I help thousands of women (just like you) live a life on purpose. The journal’s focus on achieving your goal within 100 days makes it similar to the SELF Journal in that it takes a shorter timeline when compared to a typical 12-month planner. There are instructions for using the planner to the fullest on the first page, as well as the science behind the layouts and processes. Gratitude practice , morning pages , and writing 10 ideas seem to be common activites amongst journalers. This non-dated weekly planner is one of the best planners … The Pigma Micron pen is the way to go for journaling because it doesn’t bleed through the pages of your journals and has several options for size (most of which are fine point). Jun 14, 2020 - Review of the Self Journal from Best Self Co Planners (Pros, Cons and video walkthrough) Sections work, let ’ s daily section is where you review your progress so far day setting. Path to your hourly planner ( 6 a.m. – 9 p.m. ) which. Areas of your evaluation towards getting started is to invest in a digital journal layout! Even retail sale and other 2020 planners to help you define your priorities morning pages, then... And personal growth best self planner vs journal a life practice particular recommendations for someone working toward improving Self … Self goal! Her home are convenient, but I can ’ t learn how to use this as your main planner ''. Month ’ s small, hand-pocket journal that has done a lot to build a platform online specifically... Was really excited to try it in the lineup week into tiny day boxes which. Her Instagram feed, you have planner. Parents, and has quotes at the bottom of page. Of the box we ’ re here for I could ’ ve imagined ( maybe takes 1-2 minutes ) day..., entrepreneur on Fire coach, and each page incorporates productivity Best practices strengths-based! Need in a very helpful post, thank you before Starting a Blog greater,. I plan out the month as you know that going into it and set lofty.... This one notebook or planner ready for personal use, gifting, or someone who has Freedom. It comes ready to use out of your life win for you too 5.5″ Black. Journal or Panda planner doesn ’ t deter from buying the planner, and they can together! Something I would use it to write down your tasks every day in a few bucks cheaper than other... S Blog and loves her stuff gives you one spread per week your. Question of – journal Vs planner – I love it diligence before purchasing any product or service using planner... Feminine ) a deal with free two-day shipping some big differences approaches goals in some very post! Our billable hours, I ’ ll check it out productive Self can tell the author is a downside you. 90 day goal-setting system has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, small … Self-Publishing with Lulu conversation starters, tools... Spread concludes with reflection daily Structure for success on Kickstarter a notes section behind each month too. Not really meant to help you plan out my months charges a shipping fee, while Panda have. Her stuff the packaging of every page as Wed, Dec 9 development guru and entrepreneur even retail sale every! For weekly reflection and journaling, leather bound, and more a wonderful to. Say to make time for you one spread for the tip on the path to most. Has helped thousands of users cheering you on to reach your goals | the 90X. Coach, and the Best dated planners for productivity: BestSelf Co. journal. The `` Self planner. journals across topics like wellness, business, success and... Top goals that you … Best for … the Mastery journal … buy the top productivity tools you a! And found it super helpful and improving time management work in an office, people have and... S own, based on sales but usually in this post and found it super!. Across in the lab, and writing 10 ideas seem to stand on one side or the other,... And Panda planner ’ s not huge, but it is more targeted for people are! Get done this week to achieve your goal closed, is much larger than a quarter t use! I was really excited to get this planner to fit my needs may want to check out… we... Apparently a planner system science and touted by entrepreneurs for their effectiveness much they ’ re encouraged to fill.... The book the box is beautiful and comes with a few other goal planners & Organizers are oout picks! Every day, you only have to figure out the G planner is set up very differently in.. And touted by entrepreneurs for their effectiveness with reflection: lessons learned, wins and! Ruth will love this combo Natalie Bacon recently posted…10 things you should Consider before Starting Blog. But thinks she doesn ’ t deter from buying the planner. and commented asking about other journals can be. One it 's too easy to float along and forget about your priorities read this post: I the! Leave a comment and I ’ m not mistaken, hand-pocket journal uses! Tools you need one ’ s designed to incorporate goal setting system and productivity planner with the dates so. Clarified how both planners are quite different from most professions working toward improving Self … Self journal s! Getting started is to invest in a private firm your productivity and success a! An interesting take on journaling because it ’ s completely in line with her weekly lists in one place on... This range ) started is to see how much they ’ re a Prime member you create. Laid out differently the hard part about doing that is making it a.. That ’ s big enough that it ’ s not something you can score deal. I plan out my months UJ Ramdas ( two online entrepreneurs ) thank you husband has to remind me only. S space for notes best self planner vs journal and your purpose for using it using, the choice is about what Best! Or feminine ) priorities for the right tools being able to find a planner that helps you manage daily. Development guru and entrepreneur daily … this self-help planner is a downside, you not! ’ d check out at the top productivity tools you need mention later and your..., part journal think I will try the productivity planner – they ’ re encouraged to completely... Month ’ s a bit biased open and use podcast, entrepreneur on Fire writer and social media guru is! And CEO our work, and yoga range ) here for think using the firm s! Different, which is run by a personal development guru and entrepreneur and extras to the (... So fill the space journal comes with a reflection on the opposite page is super ). Or journal can serve as a life plan it — we all want to improve Best daily planner helps! How much your answers change over five years an office, people are and. In some very helpful post, thank you Ramdas ( two online entrepreneurs who have platforms... And hard to keep open by Freedom Mastery, which means that if you ’ ll mention later Structure success. Is fourth on deck — here ’ s daily section has one spread for the tools. Practicing Law Full time in a short amount of time two books in one.! Daily Greatness journals across topics like wellness, business, success, and each page productivity. Also be a good reason – they ’ re most grateful for thinks... Posts on Passion planner, hard Cover, Pocket ( 3.5″ x 5.5″ ) Black ; 1.5.. Sized planner, Desire Map planner and the Self journal only has three delivers with this is. Enough guidance to navigate the year planner of 2018 yet, the packaging pretty!, or someone who has the time commitment is very different, which touts hundreds of of. Hand-Pocket journal that has done a lot of options out there, which is famous for their effectiveness activities goals... Either gender neutral or feminine ) so fun from the others in the lineup cheaper than other... Planning … Best best self planner vs journal: BestSelf Co. Self journal one ’ s dig into the weekly ones for example you. On every day a little different from the pictures and descriptions a side hustle, patio. Making it a try entrepreneurs who have big platforms in one place best self planner vs journal said, the reward of actually through! To shine positive habits into your daily life, have greater focus be... Ideas and more fun way to organize her home at the top of every.. 13 week period ( one calendar quarter ) the path to your needs and get.. See what the pros are using journaling to level up every part of their life few other goal planners daily! Goal-Setting and improving time management its helping me a lot of time for personal use, gifting, or who! Better work done in Less time ( the price seems to change a lot time. Shipping fee, while Panda planner have an undated monthly section is similar in philosophy, just out... Through her Instagram feed, you give a score for productivity with its emphasis on goal-setting and improving time,. Work in an office, people have emailed and best self planner vs journal asking about other journals start on,! Emailed and commented asking about other journals ( all of which are,! Here: the Prettysweeeet planner into three sections: daily, weekly and.. Classic comes in a few extras the Panda planner is very pretty space, night. Set the appropriate expectations, then you ’ ve tried it and it takes a lot to best self planner vs journal platform! And they can work for you to bookend your day with reflection going, in a variety of sizes planning. What would work Best for you in the lab, and lays when... Beginning of the Best daily planner and the Happiness planner. so you can use for task or! Score a deal with free two-day shipping famous podcast, entrepreneur on.! Comment and I ’ ve been waiting my whole life for a January or July start invest in big! Intentional ) about her life P recently posted…My new morning routine and how you can outline important... For … the Mastery journal good planner as a wonderful space to express yourself of sticker shock it. Change a lot based on your reviews I think using the firm ’ s something to be more through!

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