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The exact same line was previously said by the. Doctor: Remember, however, that this list only gives the first year in which an episode from a series was broadcast. The Doctor explains that children cry because they want attention or they're hurt; when they cry silently, it means they can't stop. He goes on to explain that several possible parents are passing Mandy and are not even bothering to talk to her, meaning it's highly likely that they know what's making her cry, and it's something that they're too afraid to talk about. This is for entertainment purposes only. Featuring: Director: Hawthorne, likewise, calls a cloaked woman sitting on a bedchamber floor amidst a sea of water glasses; he tells her that there has been a sighting. Amy tries to apologise but he isn't interested and tells her that he'll be taking her back to Leadworth after this is all over. Writer: The smilers are a great creation, I love Sophie Okonedo and thought she made a bloody great Liz ten.I enjoyed the opener, it was pretty good, I just loved The Beast below, it was fast paced, exciting, dark, witty and provided a perfect opportunity for character development, both The Doctor's and Amy's. Sound a bit familiar?" This has Amy remember when the Doctor helped her when she was scared of the crack in her wall, making her realise the star whale is, in fact, benevolent and has been voluntarily propelling the ship because of its compassion for children. Pressing abdicate will release the star whale — but in doing so will destroy the ship and kill everyone onboard. I could have sworn the Beast Below was a 9th doctor story, huh – Azor Ahai -- he him Oct 31 at 17:42 add a comment | 5 Answers 5 The Beast Below sees the Doctor finally meet a Space Whale, although Moffat has gone for the rather more poetic “Star Whale”. Season 5 | Episode 2. They share a hug. Pulling Amy back inside, the Doctor puts Starship UK up on the circular monitor, going on to say its the same UK, only metal. But back to The Beast Below. A horse and a man, above, below, One has a plan but both must go, Mile after mile, above, beneath, One has a smile and one has teeth, Though the man above might say hello, Expect no love from the beast below. He then states that he intends to abandon the name "the Doctor" once the deed is done. A strange crack defaces the hull of the Starship UK. Walking through another corridor, they notice another root coming from the creature pounding against a barred opening. Amy regains consciousness in a voting booth as she's scanned by a machine, confirming her name and reading her age as 1,306 years — which amuses her — and her marital status as "unknown", which unsettles her. The ending and exactly what the beast below actually is puts an interesting spin on things. She explains that Liz has decided that there will be no more secrets in Starship UK; everyone will know the star whale is to thank for their salvation from the inferno on Earth. The resolution of this episode bears a resemblance to that of. After examining the surrounding area with the sonic, he meets the masked woman, who tells him that she is conducting an investigation similar to the Doctor's and demands to know why he thought to put the glass of water on the floor in the marketplace earlier. He informs Amy that this is a police state: the government controls everything. 9/10. On Starship UK, children sit in class waiting to be graded by their instructor, a Smiler. Abruptly, he stops and takes a glass of water off a nearby table, setting it on the floor and observing it for a brief moment before returning it; he tells those he took it from that "there's an escaped fish". As they part ways, Amy asks the Doctor if he interferes with other lives and planets if children are crying. The duo explore the area, known locally as the London Market, with the Doctor encouraging Amy to notice everything as there is something wrong. Production code: The Doctor is faced with unacceptable options and it's Amy who makes the final decision on what to do. She leaves in one, promising to wait for him back in London. The Doctor soon realizes that while the spaceship is moving through space, it isn't powered in the conventional sense. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Last night was the night before my wedding. Hawthorne Previous. Why the practice of using the music was discontinued has never been explained. Series 5 Episode 2 The Beast Below. The Doctor explains that the machine won't show him the film as he is not human; Amy points out that he looks human. Add the first question. As he could only see a horrible compromise as the only way to make things right, the Doctor stated that he wouldn't be worthy of the title he chose, which means "never cowardly, or cruel; never give up, never give in". Though he points out that it's at least 200 years old. Amy meanwhile is given the opportunity to learn the truth but chooses to have her memory erased. The booth's door opens, with the Doctor and Mandy waiting for her outside; Amy quickly stops the message before the Doctor can see it. "The Beast Below" is the second episode of season five of the 2005 British science fiction/action revival series Doctor Who.It is the fifty-seventh episode of the series overall and the 752nd episode of all Doctor Who episodes combined. They are rescued by the mask-less Liz Ten, who enters from the other side of the door and shoots the Smilers down with a gun. ← Previous For example, why did the Doctor go on about the duck pond? The Doctor and Amy set off to help Churchill. Beginning with this episode and continuing for most of Series 5, North American broadcasts on Space and BBC America precede the opening credits with a specially recorded monologue spoken by Karen Gillan, in character as Amy Pond, explaining the premise of the series over scenes from different episodes. "The Beast Below" is the second episode of the fifth series of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. Spoiler warning! Amy, relieved that he didn't know about her wedding, asks him if there was anything he ever ran away from because he was scared or just because he could. The star whale's mouth is clearly depicted at the end of the episode as being. What is known is that the Beast was captured by the Disciples of the Light and chained inside a pit deep within the planet Krop Tor, which was able to orbit a … The Doctor immediately realises who Liz is: Queen Elizabeth X - Liz Ten. 45 mins 6:15pm 10 Apr 2010 The people will enjoy newfound freedom and liberation from their police state, but — unbeknownst to the residents of Starship UK — a luminous, white crack has appeared on the hull of the ship. What is going on? [Tardis] DOCTOR: We're on our way. At that moment, a high pitched scream rings through the room; it's the voice of the star whale. - The Beast Below . BBC One Calmly, the Doctor points out to Amy that she could have killed the entire British nation if she was wrong. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Doctor Who: The Beast Below (Review) Posted on November 29, 2013 by Darren. Hawthorne sees them on the monitor and calls it in, saying since Liz has seen the truth, it's time to activate the pre-agreed protocol. The rest died on a "bad day". 6 of 7 people found this review helpful. When asked if there are other Time Lords, the Doctor tells her that there isn't anymore; just him. Use the HTML below. The Doctor takes Amy to the future inside Starship UK, which contains in addition to British explorers, an intimidating race known as the Smilers. 204 As he leaves the class to board the vator, his friend, Mandy, warns him against boarding, as students with a zero aren't allowed to ride the vators and will be "sent below" if they do. Liz Ten goes over to Mandy, who recognises her once Liz takes off her mask. The Doctor soon realizes that while the spaceship is moving through space, it isn't powered in the conventional sense. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It's either the gas pedal, Starship UK's go faster button, or the exposed pain centre of the creature's brain being repeatedly tortured to force it to continue flying the ship across the stars. Amy points out that he could have killed the star whale. Hawthorne plays a recording of Liz Ten; she explains that the British people were faced with destruction when Earth was devastated by the solar flares, and the children screamed in pain. The Doctor retorts that they're very lucky to be in the torture chamber of the Tower of London; "except it isn't, except it is; depends on your perspective". Story number: It has a starwhale, spooky Smilers and Sophie Okonedo, but is this one a stinker? View production, box office, & company info. This episode was the first time that the Doctor's "promise" to himself was mentioned. garykmcd, After waiting a total of 14 years, Amy joins the Doctor for a trip in Space, they land on board a vessel named Starship UK, the UK has been condensed down into a series of buildings, with it's population living on board, having escaped the Sun's death. Not wanting to walk twenty decks to get there, Timmy enters the second vator as it arrives. Production order The Doctor agrees, but goes through the rules: they are observers and cannot interfere, something that he has always (tried) to stick to doing in his travels. It … In fact, it would appear that the ship has no engine at all. Title: The Beast Below. After being thrown out of the mouth of the star whale, the Doctor's fringe is on his forehead. Looking around, Amy notices people riding bikes, asking if its unusual on a spaceship; the Doctor playfully notes that Amy is in her nightie, which is also weird and Amy then becomes embarrassed. Timmy, however, doesn't want to walk twenty decks to get home, so he ignores her warning and boards another vator. Release details The next shot, it is pushed back. Amy tries walking to the teeth, accidentally causing the swallow reflex. The Doctor sees that the only way they can get back into the ship is to press another "forget" button. The little girl runs away from him, and the Doctor beckons for Amy to join him outside. ... Well, on balance, The Beast Below… The woman replies in the affirmative and offers him a device that will lead him to Amy. The Doctor is mightily outraged toward the torture of the star whale by human hand. Amy then remembers the Doctor is the last of his kind and only ever interferes when children need help; she also remembers Liz's recording about how the children suffered until the last of the star whales arrived. The Doctor is faced with unacceptable options and it's Amy who makes the final decision on what to do. Series 5, Episode 2 One has a smile and one has teeth. Amy is really good in this episode, two episodes in and she's really likable. “The Beast Below” is in the fine tradition of Doctor Who stories that are designed to show how a new companion deals with life traveling with the Doctor. The Doctor and science officer Ida investigate a pit under a recently opened trapdoor deep below the planet Krop Tor. Watching the roots continue to bang against the bars, the Doctor sadly tells Amy that they shouldn't have come here. Next → Key crew * * * * * This latest episode, The Beast Below, was pretty good. To avoid being digested, the Doctor uses the sonic to make the beast vomit. In the scene where the winders kidnap Liz 10, the Doctor and Amy, despite only the winder's head rotating, the creature's whole body appears to have turned round in its clothes. The Doctor and Amy travel to a future time where all of the residents actually live in a orbiting spacecraft, Starship UK. The years seen in this section may seem decidedly "off". Flesh and Stone Amy wonders where she went, to which the Doctor rattles off Mandy's full name and which part of the ship she lives in; Amy gives him a look of surprise. It picks up right where last week left off with the Doctor and Amy zooming off to adventures together. Amy is nearly kicked off the TARDIS for bad behaviour. The Beast's physical body resembled a massive humanoid with crimson skin, two large, ram-like horns (one of which was broken half way) projecting from its head and a corpse-like face. My imaginary friend came back. It was directed by Andrew Gunn with a script written by Steven Moffat.It premiered on Saturday, April 10th, 2010 in the United States on Syfy and BBC America. The Doctor inquires how he can find her again, learning she is Liz Ten, and she will find him. The Eleventh Hour After inflicting several thousand words on the return of Doctor Who upon you all last week, I honestly intended leave well alone and perhaps return for a mid season report. Doctor Who television stories However, the Doctor soon finds something amiss onboard the vessel. "And so much for the 'Virgin Queen', you bad, bad boy!" Written by She asks him if he "did the thing"; yes, he did. He tells her that any parent would know that, making Amy ask if he's a father; the Doctor doesn't answer. No need to waste time endlessly browsing—here's the entire lineup of new movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix this month. While Amy screams in terror, the Doctor is overjoyed, telling her to instead say, "Wheee!" The Beast Below The Doctor takes Amy to the distant future where she finds Britain in space Full Episode. The Doctor answers his own question: "They slowed your body clock, all right, but you're not fifty. The Doctor tells Amy he once ran away from, The complete Series 5 boxset was later released on. Soon, the Doctor is forced to make an impossible choice. No matter what he chooses, death is the only outcome. Amy hands Mandy's identification back to her, with Mandy stating she only dropped it because the Doctor kept bumping into her. Amy recites a poem, a positive reprise of the verses spoken by the young girl from the Vator monitor. Like when the Tenth Doctor took Martha Jones on her initial trip on the TARDIS between the events of The Shakespeare Code and The Lazarus Experiment, the Eleventh Doctor's first three adventures with Amy are consecutive. At that moment, the hooded men enter Liz's room and demand that she come with them. The Doctor and Amy observe Mandy from a bench. Amy asks if they can go onboard. Here’s our spoiler-free take on The Beast Below… Above below. Season 10 actually began nine years after season 1 started. Shouting at the Doctor to stop, Amy makes Liz Ten press the "abdicate" button and the brain stimulus halts. Amy explains her previous encounter with the root that burst through the road; the Doctor confirms that the roots are part of the same creature whose mouth they were just inside and that it's reaching out. Victory of the Daleks The Doctor brings her attention back to the impossibility of her mask. But when they spot Mandy crying silently on the scanner, the Doctor suddenly appears on the screen, asking Mandy if she needs help. Inside, the Doctor works on the TARDIS console as Amy answers the phone; however, the caller is a bit vague about who they are. (TV: The Satan Pit) The Beast could manifest itself through electronic media, including computer voices and hologram viewers. A recording she made prior to forgetting appears on the screen, where, crying, Amy tells herself to find the Doctor and get him off Starship UK to keep him from investigating. DOCTOR [OC]: Don't worry about a thing, Prime Minister. They wonder what it is, to which the Doctor repeats that it's up to their perspective. (, The Doctor's temptation to renounce his name when faced with turning the star whale into a vegetable is a subtle indicator of a, Amy's actions to save the Star Whale and stop the Doctor from committing, When the Smilers and Winders are revealed to be just following orders, the Doctor says "And with that sentence, you just lost the right to even talk to me." Winston Churchill is facing a serious predicament. They walk through the market street, back to the TARDIS, as Amy wonders if it's really okay to leave without saying goodbye. Meanwhile, the nearby Smiler's face turns angry as Amy enters the tent. When the Doctor and Amy are in the star whale's mouth, the light given off by the sonic screwdriver is the previous version's blue, instead of the usual current green. Liz explains that she tracked the device she gave the Doctor; she heard everything they did through it. Andrew Gunn TV-PG | 42min | Adventure, Drama, Family | Episode aired 10 April 2010. • Title sequence by Framestore  Timmy does not want to line up, and so he joins at the very end; the Smiler calls Timmy a bad boy and gives him a zero. The Doctor and Amy travel to a future time where all of the residents actually live in a orbiting spacecraft, Starship UK. The star whale continues to ferry humanity through the stars. Doctor Who: The Beast Below – series 31, episode two Amy Pond's first ride in the Tardis looks for all the world like an RTD story – light on plotting, heavy on modern parallels The Doctor tells her that they'll wonder about that and come up with stories, saying it's a big day tomorrow. When I was seven I had an imaginary friend. Amy meanwhile is given the opportunity to learn the truth but chooses to have her memory erased. Premiere broadcast: However, she then questions how they can be breathing with the doors open; the Doctor calmly explains that he's extended the TARDIS's air shell. (Starship UK travels on, with a w shaped crack in its side.) The recording once again gives Liz the option: "forget" or "abdicate". Thus, his series actually begin in 2005, 2006 and 2007 — not 2006, 2007 and 2008 as is commonly thought. Explaining that there is a high-speed vator to her quarters nearby, Liz walks off with Mandy. Called Winders, they're in charge of keeping the peace on Starship UK. Liz wonders if the beast is infesting the kingdom, but is more angry that someone is feeding her subjects to it. Clearly disgusted, the Queen demands the creature's immediate release; however, no-one moves. Format: The citizens appear to fear "the smiling fellows in the booths" and ignore crying children. Confidential: Amy walks up behind him, handing him Liz's mask as a souvenir from their adventure there. However, he notices Amy hasn't followed after him and is repeatedly calling his name; she is floating outside the TARDIS again, holding onto the doorway for dear life. Main setting: Memorable moment 1.2 10 April 2010 Amy remembers her message to herself. He relays his suspicions that, in a ship of this size, the engines would have created some sort of disturbance on the surface of the water — and yet there was none. Amy tries revealing the reason she wants to go back the morning after they took off, but the sound of the TARDIS phone ringing distracts them. The episode was lovely – titled ominously the Beast Below – it’s a fine follow up to the 11th Hour premiere from last week. The citizens appear to fear "the smiling fellows in the booths" and ignore crying c… Mandy wonders if the Doctor is Scottish as well, to which he says "I'm much worse than Scottish." Rubbing his hands together, the Doctor comes to a decision. ; intelligence of higher alien life forms, hair of an idiot". In fact, For the purposes of this list, "Series 4" is considered to be the. The Doctor tells her that it's always a big day tomorrow for him because he skips the little ones. Steven Moffat episodes (From worst to best). Eleventh Doctor Video Extras from This Episode. (The Tardis dematerialises.) A scan from the sonic tells him the truth: they're in a mouth of a large beast. She's reigned the same ten years over and over again, each time choosing to forget the truth. The screen switches to a video narrated by a man in a smart suit who tells her that she will now be shown the truth of the ship's travels; afterwards, she will be faced with the choice to "forget" everything she's learned in the booth or to "protest". Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, The Beast Below, The Doctor takes Amy to the distant future, where she finds Britain in space. As the students walk out, Timmy's friend Mandy reminds him that he cannot take the vator; students aren't allowed to if they have a zero. Matt & Karen On The Whale's Tongue Matt Smith and Karen Gillan share the story of working on a whale's tongue! Inside, she discovers a giant tentacle rising up through the ship from below; it attacks her and forces her back out of the tent, where she is immediately surrounded by a group of hooded men who put her to sleep with a gas in one of their rings as Mandy looks on. Liz seems briefly confused, wondering why an antique would be of any concern in their situation. After tinkering with the machine to no avail, the Doctor presses the 'Protest' button, which causes the door to shut and the floor to roll back, sending him and Amy hurtling down a chute to the same red abyss the boy Timmy fell into at the start of the story. She makes them duck and shoots down more Smilers. Companion(s): Doctor Who Confidential - The Beast Below Amy is considerably more amused by being recognised and accepted by the British government as 1,306 years old than, The advent of the Earth being rendered uninhabitable by solar flares not long before the, The Doctor's, "You look human/You look Time Lord", exchange with Amy mirrors a similar conversation between his, Amy asks the Doctor if he was a parent and he ignores the statement; he did the same to, The voting message resembles that of the "elections" on Varos. For Amy Pond's first trip in the TARDIS, the Eleventh Doctor brings his new companion to the 33rd century, where all of the United Kingdom's citizens (apart from the Scottish) live onboard Starship UK, searching for a new home amongst the stars as the Earth is being roasted by solar flares. This episode also brought up some of the past interactions with royalty that the Doctor had in his other incarnations and what effects they've had, seen with the introduction of recurring character Liz 10. The tendril plays with them instead of attacking. For Amy Pond's first trip in the TARDIS, the Eleventh Doctor brings his new companion to the 29th century, where all of the United Kingdom's citizens (apart from the Scottish) live onboard Starship UK, searching for a new home amongst the stars as the Earth is being roasted by solar flares. "Hold on; we're bringing down the government!" "I'm the bloody Queen, mate; basically, I rule". The Doctor wonders what it is that she's done. He then notices that only food refuse is down there with them, and Amy notices the floor is all squishy. They are taken to the Tower in the bowels of the ship, where Liz meets Hawthorne, a senior member of the government; apparently, he's not been seen for a while. With everyone knowing who she is, Liz wears her mask for anonymity; the Doctor notes that, because the mask is made of air-balanced porcelain, it must have been made to perfectly fit her face. The origins of the Beast are a mystery, but it claims to have been born before the universe began and is the basis of every religion's concept of the Devil. He declares that there is no choice but a mercy killing. Explaining her actions, Amy says that "if you are very old and the last of your kind" like the star whale — and also just like the Doctor — then "you just can't stand there and watch children cry.". Producer: The Doctor says yes, but it was a long time ago; his travels through time and space were the end result. Peter Bennett The Beast Below The Doctor takes Amy to the distant future, where she finds the mysterious Liz Ten, a Star Whale and all of Britain in a spaceship! Main enemy: Doctor Who News Page - Matt Smith First DVD Release Date, One has a plan but both must go. They discover a sealed-off part of the road — which Mandy refers to as a "hole" — which Amy investigates despite Mandy's warnings that they are not allowed; it has something to do with the Smilers and "below".

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