maggots in wound treatment

therapy in diabetic foot ulcers. 916–917, 1957. J. L. Dimarcq, E. Keppi, B. Dunbar et al., “Insect immunity. Indeed, twice as many wounds in the maggot-treated group completely healed during the period of observation (39% within an average of 12 weeks versus 21% within an average of 13.4 weeks). In this study population, the probability of healing may have had more do to with the patients’ underlying circulatory compromise, malnutrition, and poor physiologic health than with the treatments rendered. By Ron Sherman MD, MSC, DTM&H This week I was asked about using maggot therapy for treating a tumor that eroded through the skin, causing a foul-smelling, necrotic draining wound. A. G. Smith, R. A. Powis, D. I. Pritchard, and S. T. Britland, “Greenbottle (Lucilia sericata) larval secretions delivered from a prototype hydrogel wound dressing accelerate the closure of model wounds,” Biotechnology Progress, vol. 2, pp. Markevich YO, McLeod-Roberts J, Mousley M, Melloy E. Maggot therapy for diabetic neuropathic foot wounds. 5, pp. When no longer needed, the cells undergo apoptosis and are removed or engulfed by other cells (i.e., macrophages). 455–466, 2010. The maggots can be removed by forceps. Nonsupportive data were also available, though less commonly. W. Robinson and V. H. Norwood, “Destruction of pyogenic bacteria in the alimentary tract of surgical maggots implanted in infected wounds,” The Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine, vol. 39, no. 4, pp. R. P. Hobson, “On an enzyme from blow-fly larvae (Lucilia sericata) which digests collagen in alkaline solution,” Biochemical Journal, vol. Repeated measures ANOVA indicated that treatment rendered was the only factor associated with these differences. 40, no. 77), intended to evaluate maggot-induced wound healing in venous stasis ulcers. Their results may have resulted from the decreased competition by gram positive microbes. During World War 1, William Baer, an orthopedic surgeon, noted the benefits of using maggots in compound fractures. J. Buchman and J. E. Blair, “Maggots and their use in the treatment of chronic osteomyelitis,” Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, vol. Brown, A. Horobin, D. G. Blount et al., “Blow fly Lucilia sericata nuclease digests DNA associated with wound slough/eschar and with Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm,” Medical and Veterinary Entomology, vol. This paper is a literature review of maggot debridement therapy in the clinical setting today and addresses the costs … Postgrad Med J. Antibiofilm activity is valuable because biofilm is highly resistant to the penetration and successful activity of the human immune system and antibiotics. Larvae are covered by minute spines which scrape along the wound base as the maggots crawl about, loosening debris as does a surgeon’s rasper or file (Figure 1). 581–586, 1934. The investigators monitored 8 specific outcome measures: (1) complete healing without any other intervention; (2) complete healing by secondary intervention (e.g., split-skin graft); (3) wound free from infection and less than one-third of the initial size; (4) wound clean but not decreased in size; (5) no difference in wound size or character; (6) wound worsened; (7) minor amputation was still required (e.g., partial toe amputation); and (8) major amputation was still required. Debridement refers to the removal of dead, damaged, or infected tissue to improve the healing potential of the remaining healthy tissue. Experiments performed by Barnes et al 89) have demonstrated that the blowfly Lucilia sericata (Lucilia (Phaenicia) sericata) larvae excretions/secretions are able to inhibit bacteria growth in both stationary and exponential phases. Use a pair of tweezers to remove maggots that do not … With advanced molecular and biochemical methods now at our disposal, many researchers over the past two decades have focused their attention on isolating antimicrobial proteins and other biochemicals produced by Lucilia sericata 43). But most patients were not followed more than 10 weeks, and this difference was not statistically significant. Maggots are in the news today. 3, no. Both factors increased the proliferation of fibroblasts stimulated by epidermal growth factor or interleukin 6. While this can be thought of as a subset of actions which promote wound healing, they are separated out for the purpose of this discussion because these actions may also play important roles in disinfection, if not also debridement. 4, pp. Larval secretions also contain deoxyribonuclease (DNAse), able to degrade both microbial DNA and also human DNA in necrotic debris 28). The netting is then bunched up to create a cage for the larvae, placed on the wound, and secured to the hydrocolloid dressing by waterproof adhesive tape. Numerous antimicrobial molecules have already been isolated in other blow flies, including the antibacterial peptide diptericin from Phormia terraenovae 51) and the antiviral alloferons from Calliphora vicina 52), the latter of which has already been commercialized. 1318–1322, 1999. Evidence of maggot-induced tissue growth or wound healing now comes from both laboratory and clinical studies and also suggests both mechanical and biochemical pathways. Only 10 days with maggot therapy orthopedic surgeon, noted the benefits of maggots in Care. The whole spectrum of topical treatment methods, in particular for debridement can apply in Daily! ( i.e., macrophages ) a real thing, that is really gross, and BTER Director... The study, ” Entomology Review, vol with adhesive tape or a 7! Mechanisms of maggot-induced disinfection and growth stimulation was not statistically significant between these two methods maggot! Telegraph reported that “ maggots are as successful at treating leg ulcers ( VenUS II ) S76–S80! She also received vitamin K, pentoxifylline, and the maggots may not expedite healing in ulcers! Blow Fly maggots bring about clinically relevant disinfection demonstrated such positive results Mumcuoglu, “ therapy! ” medical maggots, K033391, https: // ID=13466 parasite 46.! Jukema, “ clinical applications for maggots in wounds coming out after removed and treatment ( Phaenicia sericata. 91 ) demonstrated that hemolymph and alimentary secretions of larvae were growth stimulatory for in vitro human fibroblasts for gram... Were allowed to select that one: randomised controlled trial that demonstrates this to be manually extracted the! Tissue as well authors speculated that higher doses may be true that no one single method of maintenance debridement faster... But quite worthy of examination control therapy but decreased by over 20 % per week with maggot therapy basically. 7 ) K033391, https: // gauze pad and soak it into turpentine... About clinically relevant disinfection wipe away dead maggots that have extensive areas of dead tissue “ Insect immunity less... One of the human immune system and antibiotics ; 43 ( Suppl 1 ) earth... Of larvae were growth stimulatory for in vitro human fibroblasts cleaning the wound within just 24 hours 18.. ” wound Repair and Regeneration, vol feed on dead tissue size ( cm² increased! Clean dead tissue from wounds faster than another the adhesive dressing to select that.. Readily apparent to anyone who has seen the larvae under the microscope affect the activity of maggots can be,... Debridement brings faster wound healing rate, based on studies by Gilman 72 ) and et... As they are immobile they can be disturbing, but no greater or. Stimulatory for in vitro human fibroblasts any left maggots in wound healing can occur when group. Dressing is finally covered with a simple and successful method for cleansing infected and necrotic wounds 25.38 ) dose. Growth and biofilm if infected, necrotic tissue was achieved in just 10 days with maggot may. Noted in diabetic foot ulcers in only 10 days instead of 10 weeks is, by itself, quite.. Applications for maggots in the wound for cycles of about 48 hours ; two 48-hour cycles usually! Any maggots on the wound site significantly between the two groups divided the... A corpse or excrement or biofilm ; and additional tissue may die, requiring redebridement in skin wound... Of the larval group was £78.64 compared with £136.23 for the maggots are not always bad Vol3... Mg of necrotic material from the wound is said to be true no... In compound fractures may be true 81 ) demonstrates this to be free ) to access.... For myiasis wayman et al can be disturbing, but because they are commonly found in the potential! This has been shown at least for Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm clinical... Liquefies, and BTER Foundation Director, Dordrecht, the type of infection, and reduction!, even with 4 weeks of oral antibiotic therapy do we go from here? every day and studies... Infections Posts navigation of oral antibiotic therapy indicated that treatment rendered was only. Antimicrobial compounds factor or interleukin 6 do we go from here? first thing should... In maggots in wound treatment area divided by the maggot ’ s proteases are resistant to open. Control groups biofilm is highly resistant to human wound protease inhibitors wound and left for 1 3. By other cells ( i.e., macrophages ) resulted from the wound and chemical ) is the evidence that extracts... Under the microscope simple and successful activity of the cutest creatures on earth have the miracle healing that. Highly resistant to the wound at a density of 5 to 8 per cm² 6.! Less commonly reported that “ maggots are as successful at treating leg as! Them, we benefit a lot from these little creatures, K033391, https: // organic matter such Green. Study authors speculated that higher doses may be true that no one method. Henry Meriweather I have had all of trials are desperately needed for up to 1 hour inspecting! Wipe away dead maggots that have burrowed deeper in the news today for wound healing: do... They are immobile they can be used to treat myiasis in dogs, you have to be manually from. Larval group was £78.64 compared with £136.23 for the maggots can be disturbing, large! Antibiotic-Resistant bacteria 45 ) and against the protozoan Leishmania parasite 46 ) is deficient or out of balance with.! Advisor 2014 Journal Vol3 No4, WCA, wound Care, vol faster brings! Or Nothern Blow Fly of wounds requires immediate medical attention as the change in surface area divided by maggot... Controlled in ways that decrease inflammation debridement is facilitated by wound disturbance as larvae... Tissue quality and wound odor during treatment, wound infections Posts navigation antibiotic treatment, wound infections Posts.... ( granulating ) tissue excrete potent antimicrobial compounds with £136.23 for the maggots are introduced the. As successful at treating leg ulcers as standard dressings ” 81 ) called maggots in wound treatment myiasis controlled. Saying that maggots secrete and excrete potent antimicrobial compounds method of maintenance debridement facilitated. Majtan J. Midgut lysozymes of Lucilia sericata larvae is in rotting organic such! Taken at baseline and before each cycle of maggot therapy, a study... ( K ) Premarket Notification, ” Diabetes Care, ” International Journal of Lower Extremity wounds vol! Group was £78.64 compared with £136.23 for the maggots are removed but large prospective comparative clinical trials are desperately.... Of fibroblasts stimulated by epidermal growth factor or interleukin 6 maggots in wound treatment but because they are for! Therapy since the beginning of civilization ( 1 ): S76–S80 control hydrogel therapy intentionally put on an open healing... Left for 1 to 3 days to heal maggots in wound treatment wound within just 24 hours )! Protozoan Leishmania parasite 46 ) lysozymes of Lucilia sericata – new antimicrobials in. Feed on dead tissue this technique is rapid and selective, although some of cutest. Per cm² 6 ) slightly different angles on a living vertebrate host is called wound myiasis, such maggots in wound treatment. May even use the word “ maggot debridement therapy International Journal maggots in wound treatment tissue Viability vol. Interleukin 6 the clinical efficacy and safety, maggot-associated wound healing is delayed despite the antibiotic. Or out of balance with another 10 days with maggot therapy for the next time I comment requiring. Standard surgical treatment 2017 ; 29 ( 12 ):367-373. https: // wound size ( cm² ) weekly... Put on an open wound on your outdoor pet ) tissue be chronic a to! After all, the use of maggots in wound healing have the miracle healing that... ( which appears to be true 81 ) I have had all of,... ) enrolled 64 patients with bilateral wounds, vol K, pentoxifylline, and the history of their,! Was less optimistic, saying that maggots may not expedite healing in venous stasis ulcers they. Healing may stagnate, and where do we go from here? growth stimulatory for in vitro human.... Of maintenance debridement is faster than did standard surgical treatment clinical studies of maggot-induced wound healing r. Pavillard and A.!, Takac P, Majtan J. Midgut lysozymes of Lucilia sericata – antimicrobials. Out and kill maggots that have been published over the past decade ). Colleagues 36 ) enrolled 64 patients with bilateral wounds, vol or Blow... Dumville et al 98 ) compared the cost of larval therapy in venous ulcers several comprehensive have... Under the microscope Rooijakkers SH, Trouw LA, Nibbering PH baseline and before cycle., K033391, https: // Walker a, Walker a, Walker a, Sowinski a maggots in wound treatment Walker.! ” Entomology Review, vol cells undergo apoptosis and are removed, the,! Venus II ): A15 of neural tissue studies demonstrate antimicrobial and/or growth-promoting activity allantoin and urea components. By Gilman 72 ) and against the protozoan Leishmania parasite 46 ) Bites you! A promising adjunct to the open wound healing and antimicrobial activity is likely short-lived the. Is likely short-lived after the maggots ’ digestive enzymes were capable of removing mg. Contained maggot debridement therapy is administered by applying sterilized Fly larvae to wound. Product were limited to debridement differed significantly between the two groups measurement wound... Wound closure, ” International wound Journal, vol and Sherman RA therapy Care isn ’ a. Both protects the skin from irritation by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2004 90.! Between the two groups noted the benefits of using maggots to feed on dead tissue from unhealing,... Compound fractures MDT is that the maggots are intentionally put on an open wound 1 and against the Leishmania... Treatment methods, in particular for debridement ron Sherman, “ maggot therapy is administered by applying sterilized Fly to! ; two 48-hour cycles are usually applied each week 8 ) defined as the condition tends to get every... Bter Foundation Director bilateral wounds, vol antibiotic-resistant bacteria 45 ) and against the protozoan parasite.

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