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Areas: Basically, Unit 1 contains three large areas where pronghorn can be found. Overview: Waterfowl can be found throughout Unit 1 in a variety of wetland habitat types. Deer Hunting in Arizona Game Management Unit 18B. Unit 10 is our #1 pick for the best unit for elk hunting in Arizona. Please, if you find a possibly poached animal, get a good location and report it! The 2011 Wallow Fire burned approximately 50% of Unit 1. Pinyon Juniper & Ponderosa Pine habitat. Overview: The highest concentrations of pronghorn antelope in Unit 1 are found in the open grassland and pinyon-juniper/grassland habitat types. You can also add hunting units for … Deer Hunting in Arizona Game Management Unit 7. Lakes: Lakes within Unit 1 also provide some excellent waterfowl hunting, especially near the shallow ends of these water bodies where emergent plant growth can be found. Map: Mesa AZ - AZ128S. Road conditions will vary depending on the weather. Land Status: The following are three types of land ownership categories and the rules that apply: Private Land: Written or verbal permission from the private landowner must be obtained for use of their legally posted private lands for any purpose, including the crossing of these lands by foot or vehicle to get to public and State Trust lands not accessible by public means. Arizona Hunt Unit Maps • AZ Off-Road Maps ... Our Arizona Hunting Unit Maps will assist you in planning outdoor recreation and help you create wonderful memories you'll cherish for years to come. Driving “cross-country” is an ever-increasing problem in Unit 1, due to the resulting resource damage and the increasing number of “wildcat” roads being created. This is the primary area their habitat occurs. Hunters would do well to look around the Escudilla Mountain area, Greens Peak, Burro Mountain, and the area south of Big Lake. It is also unlawful to shoot within a designated campground. Remember that season and annual female harvest limits are in effect, and it is the hunter’s responsibility to call 1-800-970-BEAR (2327) before hunting to determine if their desired hunt is still open. Turkeys occur throughout the unit, utilizing both the forested and pinyon-juniper habitat types. Unit 20B – Arizona Species Information: To learn more about the life history of the species featured, log onto and go to the hunting & fishing link, then choose big game species and select from the list of big game species you are interested in. During drought years, antelope are concentrated in areas where water occurs, and may even utilize forest habitat. The mogollon rim just runs across the a small portion of the unit, plenty public land below and above it. This is not a huntable population and does not occur within the Black River hunt area.) Unit 33 has long been recognized as a unit that holds trophy class Coues bucks and a large number of these small bodied deer. Areas under wilderness designation place restrictions on the use of mechanical devices within their boundaries. Unit 36A supports a good population of white-tailed deer. The 2011 Wallow Fire burned approximately 50% of Unit 1. These units are managed for higher bull to cow ratios and an older age class of bulls. Spring Hunt Areas: Try Escudilla Mountain, Black River area, Kettle Holes, Wildcat Creek, Boggy Creek, Centerfire Creek, Burro Mountain, the Mexican Hay Lake area, the Greens Peak area, the Garris Knoll area, the Wahl Knoll area, the Pat Knoll area, Milligan Valley, OD Ridge, the Pole Knoll area, Juan Garcia Mountain, St. Peter’s Dome, or the Sizer Knoll area. Habitat areas are open to hunting and fishing, but motorized vehicle access is prohibited. Significant flooding and debris flows are possible in recent burn areas as a … Caution must be exercised when hunting lakes, however, due to the presence of cold-water fisheries in most of them. Unit Boundaries. Tread Lightly! Springerville The bulls are starting to bugle, and will generally come to calls. High density turkey habitat was significantly impacted by the fire, as well as the turkey population. Unit 27 is a bit rough compared to other Arizona units but there are some big bulls in there. Habitat types to concentrate on include high elevation meadows, aspen stands, and riparian areas. These water bodies can be hunted from shore; however, a johnboat concealed in the tules with decoys would be your best bet. The third hunt is also a general firearms hunt, which starts at the beginning of October and runs to the end of December. Game Management Unit 30B regulates hunting opportunities in Arizona and covers 921,656 acres.Check out the public land access and historical weather. Overview: Both spring and fall turkey hunts are offered in Unit 1. It is generally an area extending from Big Lake on the south to Hwy 273 on the western edge, to Mexican Hay Lake in the north, and to the east of Forest Road 285. AZ Hunting App with Land Ownership & Hunt Units Gaia GPS lets you layer property ownership and other hunting maps on the best topos and aerials in the world. Firearms and/or archery safety should be the foremost concern for individuals hunting bears in these areas. We are here to help you with hunt choices, the application process, and your ultimate Arizona elk hunting experience! 10 products. Longer calling sequences, up to 45 minutes, are recommended. The Arizona Game and Fish Department in response implemented extensive coyote removal and habitat improvement projects as well as augmenting the population with 41 antelope from New Mexico. Game Management Unit 9 regulates hunting opportunities in Arizona and covers 682,014 acres.Check out the public land access and historical weather. From the East: State Hwys 60, 180, Forest Service 249, 88 These maps are 1:100,000-scale and include unit boundaries, ownership, topography, roads, and key terrain features. Once the sow harvest quota is attained in Unit 1, the unit will be closed to further bear hunting. Unless otherwise stated, bringing an animal to the check station is not mandatory, but is encouraged. October snowstorms have occurred in the past, and freezing nighttime temperatures are not uncommon. Hunters considering applying for Unit 3B deer hunts should not consider this a trophy hunt unit, although a few trophy caliber deer are harvested each year with an … If a hunter freezes the skull or hide before presenting it for inspection, the hunter shall prop the jaw open to allow access to the teeth and ensure that the attached proof of sex is identifiable and accessible. This is the time of year when elk begin their migration from summer to winter range. Map: Casa Grande AZ … Water depths in the reservoirs vary from shallow, wadeable waters to others requiring boats. Search for: Search for: Home; Hunting; Fishing; Boating; Shooting; OHV; Wildlife; Recreation; Feedback; … Successful hunters are encouraged to contact the nearest Department office by telephone to coordinate inspections. Hunting opportunities south of Hwy 60 exist almost entirely on Forest Service lands, where access is not an issue. Weather conditions during the archery hunt usually consist of warm to cool days and cool to cold nights. The early firearms bull hunt begins the day following the end of the archery hunts. Elk are still distributed throughout the unit at this time. The archery antlerless and bull hunts are run concurrently from about the middle of September to the first of October. Natural Basin Wetlands: These types of wetlands are generally shallow and provide abundant emergent and submergent vegetation. Elden, south of the Peaks. Choose your map type: HuntMap Premium (Durable Paper): $38.99. Phone: (928) 333-4372 Generally, camping is allowed throughout the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests. Elk Hunting in Arizona Game Management Unit 1. The Abert’s tree squirrel is found almost exclusively in Ponderosa pine forests throughout the unit. Overall a great Unit for 340" Plus bulls and a great hunting experience. These maps include public land ownership boundaries, topography, roads, and key terrain features. The author prefers 2 3/4-inch #4 steel shot for shooting over decoys. Weather varies during this time of year, but you can expect cool to cold temperatures and the possibility of significant snowfall. All hunters must contact an Arizona Game and Fish Department office in person or by telephone at 1-877-438-0447 within 48 hours of taking a lion. Everything you need to plan your Arizona hunting trips for 2020. It provides a good view of the canyon and has a variety of critical areas for sheep. Other Areas: Other areas where pronghorn are likely to be found include the open grassland areas west and south of Greens Peak and the strip of land south of Hwy 260 and north of the Little Colorado River. The Unit 1 spring permitted turkey hunt is stratified with two hunts occurring, one after the other. Elk distribution within the unit varies depending on the time of year and on the weather conditions. Temporary restrictions such as fire restrictions and area closures may be authorized as deemed necessary, depending on forest conditions. Access for vehicular retrieval of animals may be granted in some instances depending upon where the animal is located. Joined Nov 4, 2020 Messages 22. The Unit Watch camp is a location where you can go to report a violation. Special Considerations: Some of the hunts in Unit 1 are restricted to specific hunt areas. Areas to hunt are generally the same as the areas for the archery hunts. The Hunt Unit 11M (Peaks) currently has a Campfire Restriction in place, which mostly includes the area around Mt. During the hunting season, pronghorn are found at both high and low elevations. Manmade Reservoirs: These are by far the most frequently used waters by both waterfowl and hunters during the early season in Unit 1. South Fork, Little Colorado River: This general area runs from the town of Greer, east along a geological “rim” formation to the Water Canyon area. If you're looking for an adventure-filled mule deer hunt on your own, Arizona is the place to go. Vehicle access is restricted in this area, so hunters should be prepared to operate on foot. Most of the hunt areas are accessed by foot and/or horseback. During the limited weapon-shotgun shooting shot hunt and the Juniors-only limited weapon-shotgun shooting shot hunt, expect cooler temperatures. If you consider yourself a sportsman or outdoor enthusiast, Arizona Hunting Today is your place to discuss hunting (big and small game), archery, bird dogs and even fishing. The U.S. Forest Service utilizes various types of special land-use designations on lands that they administer. Set up calling stands in rough canyon country with good visibility to spot approaching predators. During the archery season in August and September, bucks can be found throughout the unit, with huntable concentrations easily found at higher elevations. Springerville RD (928) 333-4301 The Antelope Mountain hunt area is primarily made up of State Trust land and private property. These maps are provided courtesy of the Arizona Game and Fish Department. The rifle hunt … Hunting and fishing are allowed in wilderness areas. Retrieves by wading are generally possible, however, the use of a retriever is recommended highly. Magnify Hunt Units: 1 2 3 4 5A 5B 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 161 2 3 4 5A 5B 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Arizona Unit 10. Obtaining a good land status map of the area in which you are planning to hunt would be very beneficial. Most major canyons with perennial water sources will be areas to locate bears within the unit. Hunters can expect to see 370″ class bulls in the premier units and 340 … The best hunt method is to locate the birds and then stalk them. Unit 13A also has an early season archery hunt and a November rifle hunt. Generally, bears will travel to a greater extent to obtain food during dry years. Arizona Hunting Regions. They are published annually in the hunting regulations. No mechanical means of transportation are allowed (this includes motorized vehicles, bicycles, and any other type of wheeled vehicle), and other mechanical devices, such as chainsaws, are prohibited. A premolar tooth will be removed during the inspection. North part of Unit is pinyon -pine-juniper and open grasslands. The second hunt is an archery-only season beginning in the middle of August. Here you can either view large parts of the canyon or hike down into a trail system in the bottom of the Black River. Habitat Areas: There are two designated Habitat Areas in Unit 1. Additional Resources. Baldy Wilderness/Burro Mountain: Located west of State Hwy 273, the Mt. Youth hunts, archery only for some species, etc. Baldy Wilderness Area and the Escudilla Mountain Wilderness Area. Local concentrations of elk can occur in certain areas. Regulations prohibiting the take of female bears (sows) with cubs were instituted to protect the reproductive segment of the bear population, so be careful to watch for cubs near a potential game bear. Fall Hunting: The fall hunting seasons consist of an archery-only; Juniors-only, non-permit tag; and a permitted limited weapon-shotgun shooting shot season. Rain showers may still be occurring during the early part of September. It is a good idea to contact a local Forest Service office prior to the hunt to see if any restrictions apply in the area that you wish to access. It is lawful to harvest these bears (except for a sow with cubs), but any ear tags or collars must be returned to the Department. Turkeys can be found within the fire perimeter, but at lower densities than those of pre-fire conditions. Map: Flagstaff AZ - AZ115S Regular price $8.99 . Arizona GMU 39, Hunting Unit Map, 48" × 36" MyTopo Hunt Area / Game Management Units (GMU) Maps are 1:100,000-scale maps using the Bureau of Land Management Land Status base maps. Unit 25M – Arizona Species Information Javelina Overview:Unit 25M has an archery-only javelina hunt in late December and January. Special Considerations: The August opening dates were instituted to liberalize the harvest of nuisance/problem bears that occur, depending on the year, infrequently throughout the unit. The licensee shall carry the license when participating in hunting or fishing or other form of take. Pinyon Juniper & Ponderosa Pine habitat. October snowstorms have occurred in the past, and freezing nighttime temperatures are not uncommon. HuntMap LT (Plain Paper): $18.99. During this time period, elk are generally found at lower elevations on the winter range. Elk hunting in Unit 1 begins in August, with the last hunts ending in December. Areas: Black bear distribution in Unit 1 will vary from year to year as food crops are influenced by precipitation patterns. Round Valley Hunts: These hunts are limited opportunity hunts designed to address specific issues. Any turkey is legal for take during these hunts. The first is a general firearms hunt beginning in August. According to Arizona Game and Fish, Hunt No. Map: Sedona AZ … To get a deer hunting permit for a firearm you can enter into the lottery designated to a unit, but archery permits can be purchased over the counter. These lands are composed of private, State Trust, and U.S. Forest Service land. Reminder:  All hunters must contact an Arizona Game and Fish Department office in person or by telephone at 1-800-970-BEAR (2327) within 48 hours of taking a bear. Arizona Game & Fish Department/Region I – 928-367-4281 All other off-road activity, including driving around wet sections of road, is prohibited. Hunters would do well to concentrate their efforts in canyons and riparian areas. The following are suggested areas in the higher elevation portions of the unit where they can be found for the early archery season. Arizona hunting regions are split up into units. Contact us quickly if you’ve drawn a tag in Unit 10. Browse Rugged Maps Arizona Hunting GMU Maps with variable Contour Lines of 100ft, 200ft, or 300ft. Bulls are still in the rut, and the opportunity for success is good. Rain showers may still be occurring during the early part of September. Unit 15A seems to be a unit that only allows limited hunting. Unsuccessful hunters and those who did not hunt must also check out in person or by telephone at any Department office. Species within this unit include Javelina, Mule Deer, Mountain Lion, Dove, Quail. June 2, 2012 by CouesWhitetail in Hunting with 0 Comments. Pronghorn spots within this area include Boardshack Knoll, the area around Hay Lake, Hog Wallow Lake, Pool Knoll, Rudd Knoll, Wahl Knoll, S.U. Keep in mind that during wet conditions, secondary roads are subject to damage and can even become impassable. You can join the crowd and hunt … Return to Map Index Filter by. side of Big Lake); East Fork of Black River has Buffalo Crossing and Diamond rock (along FS 276); West Fork of Black river Campground along FS 68 (currently closed until further notice); Hoyer campground in Greer Lakes Recreational Area; Winn Campground near Lee Valley Lake. Examples of these types of wetlands that provide good, early season waterfowl hunting include Hay Lake and Hog Wallow Lake that can be accessed off State Route 273 to U.S. Forest Service road 249. Remember when waterfowl hunting in a boat, Arizona Watercraft Regulations require a wearable life jacket for every occupant in the boat. Late Season Hunts: These hunts occur from the end of November to the last hunt in December. Springerville Areas for hunting elk in this unit vary according to the time period in which the hunt occurs. Successful hunters are encouraged to contact the nearest Department office by telephone to coordinate inspections. Snake Creek area: This is one of the lower most areas to hunt on the Black River and very near the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. Ear-tagged/Collared Bears: Biologists have placed ear tags and collars on some bears in Unit 1 as part of an ongoing research project. Be aware of the hunt for which you have drawn a permit. Scores. Scores. Download Round Valley Elk Sub-units Map [PDF]. Unit price / per . Depending on snowfall, the Big Lake area can be productive. Overview: Unit 1 has three bear seasons. The 2011 Wallow Fire burned approximately 50% of Unit 1. Javelina (Collared Peccary) Javelina inhabit the entire unit, but … Continue reading "Unit 20B – Arizona" Some of the access roads and trails to consider include Forest Service Trail 97 and FR 70A. Regardless of the season that you choose to participate in, proper scouting prior to the season is essential to having a successful hunt. Predator calls can be another effective way to harvest mountain lions in this unit. We stock the complete set of 1:100k scale USGS-based topographic maps by Arizona Game Management Unit—or special hunt area designation. This hunt begins one week before the spring permitted turkey hunt. Unit 1 covers a portion of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests, encompassing the Springerville Ranger District and portions of the Alpine and Lakeside Ranger Districts. The weather conditions are generally cold with snow. Game Management Unit 5A regulates hunting opportunities in Arizona and covers 443,037 acres.Check out the public land access and historical weather. They can also be found on U.S. Forest Service lands in the higher elevation areas within Unit 1. An experience in the White Mountains this time of year can bring the best of nature, elk bugling, golden aspens, and crisp air with a pair of mallards dropping in. Bulls need to bugle for a great hunt because the unit is mostly thickly timbered and not glasser friendly.

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