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You will meet hundreds new people at college – classmates, professors, advisors, recruiters, staff at campus, etc. First-year students may not take History 299, a sophomore and junior research methods seminar designed for history majors and minors. From your professor’s perspective, plagiarism (and cheating more broadly) is a slap in the face. Nevertheless, it is important to keep a healthy lifestyle, eat enough fruits and veggies, drink enough water, sleep well and exercise often. 19. Professors are not in this business to intimidate young people. That literally is your professor’s job! I would hire a student with that record in a second. These students … If you are experiencing stress or anxiety, go to the counseling center. We are in this business to help you advance in all kinds of positive ways. Don’t see college as a set of classes leading to ultimately getting a job. And there is actually a name for it: “turn-of-phrase plagiarism.” My advice is to not have a single word in your paper originate from cutting and pasting from a different source. In thinking about my experience as a professor (having taught college classes going back to 1994), it occurs to me that I might be reasonably well-positioned to provide some guidance to help incoming college students best navigate this important juncture in life. Glenn Geher, Ph.D., is professor of psychology at the State University of New York at New Paltz. See it as an adventure filled with all kinds of opportunities. There will be speed bumps. This may sound obvious, but speaking from experience, most students tend to leave important tasks until the last minute Talk to your professors and tutors. The Transformative Power of Engaging in Ritual, Need to Know: How Curiosity Drives Risky Behavior, Megan and Glenn at High School graduation. Take advantage of these resources. Your first year on campus can be intimidating. These students are Government concentrators who have volunteered to act as peer advisers. For those awaiting your freshman year this fall, here are some tips on how to make the most out of your first year at university. And don’t ever let yourself be intimidated by your professor. You will have dozens of different assignments during your college years and the sooner you find a routine that fits you, the better. And guess what? See your professor as your advocate. Think of your education as giving you skills that will help you make a positive mark on this world. 22 Tips for First-Year College Students How to start college on the right foot. Second, while thinking about your career during your first year can give you a huge advantage later on, it shouldn’t distract you from your chief prerogative as a first-year student, which is to make new friends, … Cultivate friendships with a small group of others with whom you connect well. I started studying an extraordinary amount for each exam. You might be able to meet a famous scholar in your field from another university. Good colleges and universities have a broad array of clubs and activities. Starting college is an exciting step in one’s life, but it can definitely be stressful or scary at times, especially if you had decided to study abroad. You (or someone) are paying a ton of money for you to be there. And realize that the human body evolved under conditions in which people were way more physically active than most of us are now. You might study really hard for a test and get a D. Or an F. You might have a roommate who drives you nuts. They will challenge you, they will teach you things that you never knew before, and they will help you grow. 3. Real-life tips on surviving your first year at university Go your own way. Study and training Apprenticeships and traineeships Applying for an apprenticeship or traineeship Benefits of Never ask for … the advice that is given to students, faculty and administrators in-volved in this crucial period of transition. If you are experiencing physical ailments, go to the health center and see a health professional there. 4. Get yourself a few strong, close friends, and you will be fine. You may not realize it, but when your professor is lecturing, he or she is trying to connect with each student in the class. Here are five tips to help students succeed in their first year. You can find out about that process from the department chairperson or other relevant administrator on your campus. At the end of the day, people are people. Heading off to uni can be intimidating (and also incredibly exciting). Do something great that you probably won’t get recognized for. 23. And plenty of opportunities for regular exercise, probably including a super gym! Meet with each professor of your classes during office hours at least once a semester. And go get ‘em! This said, don’t hesitate to email me with follow-up questions. They might have interests that you find repulsive or that you have never even thought about in your life. Take notes with good old pen and paper. Does AP Computer Science Count? Whether it is extra-curriculum lecture or a Christmas party organized by the faculty, these events are a great opportunity to get to know your classmates, professors and professionals better, but also to learn interesting things. And this is a problem. He is founding director of the campus’ Evolutionary Studies (EvoS) program. 5. My advice would be to take as many opportunities as you can to enjoy the social side, join societies and student committees, but don’t neglect to work hard to complete your degree and secure a graduate job . Advice for parents and guardians of college students entering their first year: Check out these six tips from a parent for how to make this new time in life more exciting than ever, for both of you. Top 10 tips for first-year students 1. This said, realize that colleges have tons of resources to deal with all kinds of student problems. The entire class will benefit as a result. And that’s what college is about. 5. Not just to help you learn, but also to help you develop the skills needed to succeed in your future. These are things I wish I had done or had done and recommend doing so as a first year student. As corny is it may sound, your body is the temple of your mind and your soul. Naps save lives and 35 other pieces of uni advice for first year students. These are the top tips that will help you survive your first year at university. (Again, though, in true emergency situations, sometimes accommodations need to be made.). Instead, find enough various resources, learn how to cite sources properly, and develop your own writing routine. Students who do so put themselves on paths to success. Naturally, you won’t become friends with everyone, but we recommend networking with as many people as possible, especially when you’re new at the university. First of all: welcome to Cornell and congratulations on your … By putting together … Your campus should have a student support office, where you can access services like counselling, financial advice and academic assistance. 18. In MacEwan University's "Advice for First-Year Students" video series, Jamie and six other students share stories about their first weeks and offer advice to incoming students. Keep these tips in mind once you start classes, but more importantly don’t forget to have fun along the way! So take advantage of the opportunities to meet with your advisor! We think you are searching the web and goofing around when we see this! You should think about joining at least one extra-curricular activity during your first semester. Sure, your mom might be a total nag. Being a first year student at university can be a load of but very daunting at the same time. This said, never forget that college is, first and foremost, about academics. There are always processes for students to change advisors. If you’re starting uni in … 2. And that’s OK. "At university, students are usually living away from home for the first time which means no parents. I stay in close touch with my alumni and I truly see their success as my success. You will have at least one formal “academic advisor” at any point during college. Split the cash into bills and social First … About a year ago I wrote a post about “10 tips to success at University“. The self-discipline you develop in your university years … Young people often type faster than they write which can be a useful skill as it allows you to take copious notes quickly and easily. Starting your first year at uni you’re probably somewhat nervous. Don’t strive to just be a student. It signals that the content of the course that the professor is so dedicated to matters little to the student. As an incoming college student, you’ve got to be thinking about all kinds of opportunities that will emerge. By Nomusa Mthethwa - 07 February 2014 - 17:14 . 389 Views 0 comments Starting university can be a fun and unique experience. Sure, GPA matters, but in today’s world, diligence and dependability matter even more. If a class becomes overly stressful or if there is just no connection whatsoever that you have with the class, or if your overall courseload is starting to feel like too much, it’s OK to drop a class or two during your time in college. 2020 | Student Life Starting college is an exciting step in one’s life, but it can definitely be stressful or scary at times, especially if you had decided to study abroad. College is as much about networking as it is about taking classes. Talk to your academic advisor about the processes and possibilities. The first thing … You got this! Stay well-connected with your family. Shoot for perfect attendance in your classes. Make your classes your top priority. When looking at tips for first year university students, it’s hard not to focus on finances. In an experiment, …, Are you looking for an ideal environment where you can study? If you are having an existential crisis about what academic path you want to take, talk to your most trusted professor (and/or your advisor) about it. They might vary from you dramatically in terms of religion. Ashna, a 21-year-old Indian student, advised: “I would look at the success rate, what students actually do after graduation, and what the university can offer you in terms of career prospects or placements.” This may be especially 23 Pieces of Advice For First-Year University Students Below is a list of 23 nuggets of advice courtesy every single one of my friends, from Nottingham and beyond. You are at university because … Professors have required “office hours.” These hours are special time blocks that we set aside to meet with students. You might have a friendship that develops early in the first semester end up going sour. You can also make use of one of the many programs and apps that detect plagiarism in your work. And we all know how annoying it is when we are talking to someone and that person is looking down at the phone the whole time! Hopefully all you first year freshmen are starting to figure things out, more or less. The Best Advice for Students Attending Their First Year of College. Tweet; Share. Don’t ruin the learning process with copying and pasting words from a different source. “Much advice is general and so helps aspiring university-goers who will be non-law students. Students who have reputations of being highly active in extra-curricular activities have a leg up. Posted Aug 09, 2018 From this experienced vantage point, I hope that my guidance should be at least somewhat helpful. Lots of students transfer from one school to another for all kinds of reasons. And you know, don’t be afraid to consider transferring if there are problems that really just seem too difficult to deal with. Most importantly, it is one of the biggest events in the life of students … What follows are the best, most interesting, and most useful pieces of advice for first-year students. Get money out in cash [rather than pay by card] so you're more aware of how much you have left. Transferring is not a failure by any stretch of the imagination. When you graduate, you should be well-situated to take all of this with you into your future to help you make a positive mark on this world. If you don’t like them, drop them and spend your time in a more meaningful class for you. Hello Everyone, I'm seeing a lot of first year university students asking questions, and many more wanting to ask but not sure. Again, this is YOUR education. 10. Your health is the foundation for everything else, so don’t neglect it. Another resource for first-year students looking for advice about Government courses or the concentration in general is to ask one of our Peer Concentration Counselors (PCCs). On this point, I promise you this: Your professor will 100% be unhappy to see you looking down at your phone during class. Sure, this goal may be hard to achieve – but at least shoot for it. As a reasonably involved dad, this is kind of a big deal for me. The diversity of people that you will find in a modern college setting is one of the most wonderful aspects of higher education. You will have the option to eat tons of unhealthy food in college. The pandemic of covid-19 has influenced college life and put many students into stress or despair. If you have any questions, whether about the appropriateness of a particular course or the history major or minor, feel free to contact the department chair, Dr. Donna Alvah . Many first-year resident advisors provide seminars and/or roommate agreements. Your professor is there to help you. Megan, don't forget to call!!! Make sure to eat fruits and vegetables every single day – and stay away from too much processed food. They might come from other states or other nations. The fact that you got into college in the first place is a sign that you have extraordinary potential. Study twice as much as you think you need to for your exams and quizzes. And then turn the different phrases in the text to change it around a bit. To ease any nerves you might have, here are 20 tips for first year students so you can focus less on your nervousness and … It is a good thing that we have valuable pieces of advice for you. Five top tips to succeed in your first year of university 1. 21 tips every first-year student should know Be open to unfamiliar surroundings. The classroom community belongs to everyone in there. Don’t worry about being super popular or the president of the sorority or anything like that. Sian's other top tip for university is to "stay true to yourself". And be that student who takes advantage of those opportunities. Home » Graduate » GSAFE » Advice for First-Year Ph.D. Students in Economics at Cornell Welcome!

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