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Study Island Back-to-School Planning Guide Whether you are kickstarting a new implementation or reigniting an existing program for the new school year, make sure that you have what you need to effectively implement your online learning program. About Edmentum Within each topic you’ll have access to video lessons, PDF guides, and a brief mastery quiz – all designed to help you get the most out of your Study Island subscription. In inclusive classrooms, students with special educational needs are treated as integral members of the general education environment. based reading program named Study Island as an intervention program to assist Grade 11 students pass standardized tests. Edmentum’s Study Island Power User Program is a great resource to utilize when familiarizing yourself with Custom Material or any other major feature in the program. By combining Exact Path, Study Island, and Reading Eggs, you are armed with tools at all levels to ensure the success of your tiered intervention program. Data-driven intervention to pinpoint each unique need Study Island will automatically remediate which is a great indicator Study Island's Test Builder feature is an excellent tool to reduce the amount of time and work associated with creating and administering high-quality common assessments. Various users comment on using Study Island with Special Ed and ELL students. In the case of putting in an intervention have the student continue answering specific objective questions and monitor with the new RTI report. Study Island helps students in developing higher-level thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills. Study Island supports the learning process with engaging, interactive lessons and activities to continuously monitor progress and ensure proficiency. These results indicate that Study Island is an effective, evidence-based intervention. The process provides students with the support necessary to experience success. This will allow you to see their proficiency level, quickly determine whether to reteach or extend, and/or set up an RTI Report. Inclusion means more than just preparing students to pass standardized tests and increasing academic levels. Enter your user name and password to access your online account. Welcome to Study Island. Specifically, the study has been verified to meet all criteria to qualify Study Island as meeting the ESSA requirements of an As a robust practice and preparation tool, Study Island not only prepares students for end-of-year assessments but also helps drive meaningful formative assessment strategies in the classroom. It is a team process designed to identify students who are experiencing academic difficulties. Using Study Island, teacher teams can take a task that once required several hours and many different resources and complete it much more quickly and easily. Process: Identify the student’s need for academic help; Develop strategies to assist the student Edmentum performed a quasi-experimental study of the effectiveness of our Study Island online learning platform on student growth during the 2016-17 school year. What is Academic Intervention? Study Island is backed by multiple valid research studies that show that Study Island meets ESSA requirements of an evidence-based intervention.

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