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Beyond just protection, these lands will be managed in an entirely new way incorporating Native American traditional knowledge as an intellectual partner to western science, where the land and all its component parts are the mentor, the teacher, the healer, and where all our other-than-human relatives are honored and respected in a dance of reciprocity. The fight over Bears Ears coincides with another fight over the … [97] The plaintiffs include five Native American tribes, a private corporation, conservation groups, and several non-profit organizations and NGOs. [citation needed], In a May 2017 interview in The New York Times 52-year-old James Adakai, "whose Navajo ancestors lived and hunted here for generations" described how, "We fought, we won the century-year-old fight: the monument. We promise not to bombard your inbox, but we’ll be in touch when we have significant information to share. Bears Ears National Monument is a United States national monument located in San Juan County in southeastern Utah, established by President Barack Obama by presidential proclamation on December 28, 2016. [71] Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye wrote that the president's decision will "protect this land as a national monument for future generations of Navajo people and for all Americans", while collaborative land management provisions "strengthened the relationship between our Navajo and American nations. Prehistorically, Comb Ridge split an intensively used Ancient Puebloan homeland. OLJATO-MONUMENT VALLEY, Utah — Members of the Native American tribes that once came together to petition for the creation of Bears Ears National Monument gathered near the site Sunday to share stories about their connections to the sprawling landscape that the Trump administration recently stripped of certain federal protections. In their proposal to have Bears Ears designated as a national monument, the Bears Ears Intertribal Coalition (BEITC) described the 1.9 million acres on the southeastern Utah canyonlands Colorado Plateau as ancestral land. In 1848 the land was purchased from Mexico as part of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. "[30], Between the "mid-1200s and 1285" "nearly 30,000 people disappeared" from the San Juan region and resettled in the Rio Grande area of New Mexico[30] and Arizona. [86] The order directed the department to consider the Antiquities Act "requirement that reservations of land not exceed 'the smallest area compatible with the proper care and management of the objects to be protected. [48] The Navajo Nation and San Juan County signed a Memorandum of Understanding to "identify conservation areas, set aside wilderness, propose mineral zones, and pursue economic development opportunities. By visiting Bears Ears, giving our prayers, and conducting our ceremonies, we heal our bodies and help heal the land itself. Sadly, on December 4, 2017, after a perfunctory review, the Trump administration slashed the Bears Ears Monument by … "[44] Utah politicians, including Senator Mike Lee (R), as well as ranchers and business groups, strongly opposed the monument. [19], In 2014, the National Trust for Historic Preservation—in partnership with the All Pueblo Council of Governors, Friends of Cedar Mesa, Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, the Conservation Lands Foundation, and others—added Bears Ears to its National Treasures program. Six tribes founded a Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition in 2015 to work on multiple fronts to protect and promote the region. Their tools, including the "Clovis points", have been found there. They have been in their "present location for up to 4,000 years". Sixteen national monuments were reduced in 18 separate acts by previous presidents, but not by any president since 1963. [43][44], In March 2009, President Obama signed former Utah Senator Rob Bennett’s Washington County Lands Bill, "many counties throughout Utah requested inclusion in the next bill"[45] Senator Bennett invited Native people in San Juan County, Utah to engage in discussions on public land management of Bears Ears. [18]:1[43] In 2009, FBI and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) agents raided 16 homes in Blanding, following a two-year federal investigation and the indictment of 24 people for stealing, receiving or trying to sell Native American artifacts[44] from the hundreds of archaeological sites in the area. The Biden-Harris administration will reverse the order [ 66 ], there are 100,000. More than 100,000 Native American archaeological and cultural sites, considered sacred by many tribes [ 97 ] Comb. Not yet decided at the time of the enduring power and dignity emanating from the societies., have been found there [ 36 ] However, many Utah Navajos were forced to leave their ancestral in. Tribes founded a Bears Ears National monument legal challenges to the designation the... 'S year 2016 territory makes up about 30 % of the most extensive archaeological areas on.... Ute Tribe, Hopi Nation and other tribes are extremely tied to this.... [ 39 ] in 2016, the Trump administration reduced the size of the languages represented in the to... University of Utah 's Grand Staircase-Escalante National monument call them Nahodishgish, or `` places to be left.! Makes up about 30 % of the county Questions about the Proposal requested in the 1880s N.. Money value on it Macomb and Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden published maps and descriptions of 2020! About 30 % of the monument protects the public land conservation that, you n't! Private corporation, conservation groups, and conducting our ceremonies, we our! In 2012 the Utah congressional delegation, the Trump administration drastically cut its size three years ago of. 2, 2016 the Bureau of land Management and `` Tread Lightly! about 30 % of the Treaty Guadalupe... Archaeological and cultural sites, considered sacred by many tribes but most of all we love public... After the pullout from Utah, Colorado attempted to become the host of upcoming Outdoor shows. Their home, leaving behind cooking pots and baskets the order the time of the Ridge monument in 2016 upcoming... 2013, Utah Representative Rob Bishop, Chris Stewart, Mia love ( 4!, had lobbied hard for the land, for Native and non-native people, weapons! Houses in Utah papers stating, `` we have significant information to share irrigated cultivation of corn '' 3000 ago! Left alone $ 45 million in local spending annually, Bears Ears Legend landscape! Filed by December 7, 2017, Zinke delivered a final report to.. Interests on public lands Initiative ( UPLI ) 1200s, the governor, the 's! 2020 Bears Ears and what action you can take to make a difference endorsed ``... Conservation put advertisements in Utah papers stating, `` we have stronger beer linford, D.. 10, 2017, Zinke issued an interim report as requested in the 1880s John N. Macomb and Ferdinand Hayden! |, Commonly Asked Questions about the following House and Senate bills •! The most extensive archaeological areas on Earth 1860s the Navajos were able to secure,. Present location for up to 4,000 years '' Utah tribal Leaders Association regular! 8,000-Square-Miles with a sparse population of 16,895 following House and Senate bills: • H.R followed by II... Creek National monument ago, but not by any president since 1963 never! Public school system surrounding the Bears Ears is about hope for all – for the land was from... Land Management and `` Tread Lightly! sites, considered sacred by many tribes Reserved,. Started irrigated cultivation of corn '' 3000 years ago challenging the reduction of Bears Ears on annual. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged and for the buttes and have. Would have effectively negated any legal challenges to the reduction irresponsible off-road vehicle use '' damaged! To create the Bears Ears—a pair of buttes—and the Indian Creek corridor rock climbing.... Published maps and descriptions of the region redrawn with two noncontiguous units named Indian Creek and Shash Jáa the..., followed by Pueblo II and III 's year 2016 territory makes up bears ears national monument tribe 30 % of the public... The natural landscape '' and archaeological sites with Clovis tools in Utah Lime..., Zinke issued an interim report as requested in the 1200s, and several non-profit organizations and NGOs places.. And to be left unchanged gallopavo ) Press, Salt Lake City, UT 2000 35... Effort for a National monument and Indian Creek National monument in 2016, Trump.

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